Welcome to Gana Unnayan Kendra (GUK) website

Vision, Mission & Objectives

GUK envisions a poverty free equitable society where justice, equality, human rights and dignity of all people are ensured.

Inspired by credo “Release not Relief”, GUK works with and for poor, extreme poor, vulnerable, excluded and all other disadvantaged groups of people especially women, children, ethnic groups and person with disability to bring about a sustainable positive change in their lives.

Strategic Objectives:
To achieve the mission of the organization, on the basis of the organizational experience, community needs, area context and addressing the targets of National Plan of Bangladesh as well as SDGs, GUK has identified following eight strategic approaches that are considered during planning and designing of any programme and project.

1. Human resource development and sustainable institutions building
2. Quality education for all children
3. Sustainable livelihood for extreme poor
4. Gender equality and women empowerment
5. Community resilience on disaster management and climate change
6. Health, nutrition and WASH
7. Good governance and democratic environment
8. Action research and Innovation