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Governance & Management

GUK has transparent and accountable governance system consisting General Council, Executive Committee and experienced & committed Programme Management Team.

General Council
GUK has a General Council (GC) consisting of 25 members which is the highest authority of the organization. Presently 56% of total members in the GC are women. Usually members of the General Council meet once in a year where discussions held about different strategies, audit and major activities of the year. The General Council is also responsible for selection of Executive Committee members.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee (EC) of GUK consisting 07 members elected for every 03 years by the General Council. Meetings of the Executive Committee held 4 times in a year. The Executive Committee supports the “Program Management Team” for smooth implementation of activities. The executive Committee is responsible to the General Committee.

Programme Management Team
GUK has a Programme Management Team (PMT) consisting 9 senior members from different individual units. Members of this team have strong leadership quality, proven experiences and commitment. Chief Executive of the organization leads the programme management team. This team is responsible for strategic direction to implement programme activities smoothly. This team also maintains communication and liaison with government, people’s representatives and development partners.