Welcome to Gana Unnayan Kendra (GUK) website


Gana Unnayan Kendra (GUK) began it’s journey in 1985. Initially, we started our programmes in the northern district Gaibandha which is severely impacted by climate change induced disasters. It is also one of the poorest districts in Bangladesh as well. Gradually, we have expanded our activities in other north-western districts. Presently, we are working in 15 districts including Rohingya response in Cox’s Bazar in collaboration with various national, international donor organisations including UN agencies. 

Over the last 38 years, we are trying to bring a sustainable change in the lives of deprived people through implementing different types of interventions. We usually work for the poor, extremely poor, vulnerable and all other disadvantaged groups particularly women, children, ethnic groups, persons with disabilities, youth, adolescent, potential and returnee migrants. GUK is committed to contribute to the global development goals as well as Bangladesh government’s development targets by carrying out various activities. Our programme approach mainly includes capacity building on different income generating activities, input/start up support, market linkage, trade-based skills development and support for employment, leadership building, disaster preparedness, climate change adaptation, humanitarian response, awareness raising and advocacy.     

We believe that cordial cooperation and enormous support we receive from community people, development partners, government officials, civil society people, local government bodies, private sectors, other stakeholders and programme/project participants give us strength to carry out activities smoothly. Thus, I would like to pass on my heartiest thanks and gratitude to those who are always with us in the pathway of working for the poor.

We also look forward to getting cordial cooperation as always from all so that we can move forward overcoming our limitations in coming days.

M. Abdus Salam
Founder & Chief Executive